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With over 23 years experience in designing and formatting documents, we can transform your boring ebook design into a professional, stunning-looking ebook you can be proud of.

You have come to to the right place if you want to:

  • Increase your reputation as a serious author
  • Gain credibility with your peers
  • Add considerable value to your digital product
  • Ensure your ebook is easy to read and flows properly
  • Promote your branding
  • Ensure a successful marketing campaign

We format all types of ebooks

Formatting PDF ebooks is one our most popular services and we also provide ebook conversion to the most popular formats including ePub and Kindle.

Every author, no matter of their budget, can benefit from our formatting services as we provide both standard and premium ebook design services.

Make an impact and make it a good one with That’s Creative!

We go above and beyond the essential features

We’ll incorporate your branding, create a professional style and layout, add stock images or illustrations — whatever it takes to transform your content into a stunning, professional looking ebook.

  • A professionally formatted Microsoft Word or Adobe Indesign document and a PDF copy to distribute or print
  • Formatting of text styles (body, headings, sub headings, bullet points etc) consistent with your branding
  • A linked table of contents for easy navigation
  • Important points will stand out with stylised text boxes
  • Call out boxes to highlight important quotes
  • Tip icons to add some eye candy
  • Drop caps at the start of each chapter
  • Placement of high quality stock images or illustrations
  • Break up your document with chapter or section title pages
  • Lots of tables or charts in your document? We will style them so they are easy to read and understand
  • Make it super easy for your readers to jump back to the Table of Contents with a button on each page
  • Custom-styled layouts (landscape, columns)
  • Promotional back page with your contact details

Interested? View our recent Ebook Designs in our portfolio or send us a message.

Our clients say…

“Over the last four years, Karen Wickham has designed over a dozen eBooks for me, and seeing each one for the first time is always a delight. Her capable designer’s eye transforms boring into beautiful, with an eye-catching cover design and an easy-to-read interior layout. Best of all, I never have to worry about how the finished product will turn out. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the next dozen masterpieces!”

Craig Wallin — Headstart Publishing

You can’t ignore the benefits

Our premium ebook design service adds considerable value to your ebook and it shows your readers you are serious about presenting a professional, polished-looking document.

If your ebook has a large amount of text, consider using call-out boxes to highlight important text or stock images to break up the “heaviness” of the page.

Custom icons can be used to illustrate tips, and drop caps can be used consistently at the start of each section or chapter.

At That’s Creative!, we don’t do “boring”. We transform ebooks.

Professional and effective ecover design

The team at That’s Creative! design high quality ecover designs with the “WOW” factor. No boring, standard ecovers here.

Our ecover designs are professional, clean, easy-to-read and unique. Whether you are seeking a corporate, easy-going, fun or minimalist ecover design, we will take the time to select an appropriate high quality cover image and find a creative way to display your ebook title heading, sub-heading and author name.

All ecovers can be set up to specifications for CreateSpace (Amazon), Smashwords and other e-publishers.

Our unique ecover designs can be ordered as part of a formatting package or as a single design and start from only AU$80.

Interested? View our recent Ebook Designs in our portfolio or send us a message.

High quality ebook conversion

The benefits digital books provide consumers and the growing demand for tablets and smart phones, has seen the eBooks’ popularity skyrocket over the past couple of years.

More and more self publishers are taking advantage of the rise of the ebook by converting all their pdf ebooks and printed books to the most popular formats like Mobi (Kindle), ePub (iphone, ipad, ibook, e-readers, nook), and Smashwords.

With our professional service, ebook conversion is affordable, starting from only US$0.55 per page for basic titles.

Your existing ebook format can be in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or Adobe Indesign.

All types of documents can be converted including: novels, training guides, business documents, picture books and more. Ebooks can even have audio and video embedded to engage the reader and provide more interaction.

Create buzz and increase website traffic

FREE. That is a word that always garners attention. Everybody loves to get something for free. We live in the era of ebooks and yet it is a challenge to get in the spotlight in the digital world where thousands of people and products are jostling for position.

One sure fire way of getting some buzz is to go with the free offer. Giving away an ebook free almost seems counter-productive to this process. Check out our article and case study.

We’re fast and we’re good

Our typical turnaround times for ebook design is within 4-5 business days.

We provide each client with a timeframe for each project as they can vary dependent upon the number of pages the document has and the amount of formatting required.

We also offer a rush service for short deadlines. Just let us know when you need it by and we will work with you.

Ensure your ebook is “final ready”

To ensure we can design and format your ebook efficiently, all content must be supplied in FINAL format as delays and additional fees may apply.

Hire a professional proofreader or have one of your colleagues read through your document to ensure it flows well and punctuation and grammar is correct.

All ebooks are kept private and confidential

All ebooks sent to us are treated as private and confidential. We never disclose ebooks to third parties without the author’s written approval. If required, we are always happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Unless otherwise agreed with the client, That’s Creative! may use a low resolution copy of the ebook design as an example in our portfolio.

Quick FAQ

  1. Send us a copy of your document and a short brief.
  2. We will send you a custom quote and a timeframe to complete the project.
  3. Once you approve the quote, please send us any relevant logo/branding files. We will send you a deposit invoice.
  4. Upon receipt of the invoice payment, we start transforming your document and send it to you for review.
  5. Any necessary revisions are made and then a final invoice is sent.
  6. Final files are sent once payment has been received.

At That’s Creative!, the working file (e.g. Microsoft Word), pdf and stock images downloaded for the document are supplied to you as part of your final package, and is included in the overall cost.

You can send us your document in Microsoft Word format or PDF.

A 50% deposit is required for Premium & Standard Formatting packages. For all projects, the client receives the final working files after full payment (final invoice) has been received. Completion of the project is when final design has been approved.

In both our Standard and Premium Document Formatting services, we include up to 3 revisions. Revisions are small text changes or changes to our formatting. Changes to large amounts of text or updating the entire document with new text will incur additional fees.

Please ensure your document has been proofread before sending it to us.

In some instances, documents may need further revisions, especially if they are being reviewed by numerous employees. We are happy to make further revisions for an additional fee.

Yes, we certainly can. We source high quality stock images from stockfresh.com (covered by a Royalty Free Licence), or you are welcome to send us copies of your own high resolution images. Please ensure that you have copyright permission to use all images.

Yes, we do and it is one our most popular services! We can provide you with templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and also using Adobe Creative software. Templates are customised to your individual needs, easy to edit and are consistent with your company branding.

Absolutely! The majority of our clients rely on us for formatting proposals and reports on a regular basis. As no job is too big or too small, we are more than happy (and capable) to provide ongoing, regular services to your business (including other graphic design services too!).

Let’s get started

Pricing for our professional formatting service starts from as low as AU$150. For all projects, please send us your document and a short brief so we can provide you with a custom quote and timeframe.