Premium Design & Formatting For All Your Business Documents

document-formatting-exampleAt That’s Creative!, document formatting is one of the most popular services we provide to our clients.

We format all types of business and academic documents including proposals, reports, training guides, tenders, business plans, whitepapers, resumes, templates, newsletters, ebooks and books.

Catering for documents of all sizes, we can also set up corporate style guides and implement them across all your company documents.

With over 20 years experience, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with a document you can be truly proud of. View our pricing below or view some of our recent formatting examples in our portfolio.

Pricing for our Document Formatting service depends upon the number of pages your document has, the amount of formatting required and the number of features you choose. Refer to our Pricing table below.

Standard & Premium Features Included In Our Document Formatting Service

  • A professionally formatted Microsoft Word or Adobe Indesign document and a PDF copy to distribute or print
  • A linked table of contents for easy navigation
  • Important points will stand out with stylised text boxes
  • Call out boxes to highlight important quotes
  • Tip icons to add some eye candy
  • Drop caps at the start of each chapter
  • Break up your document with chapter or section title pages
  • Have a long list of hyperlinks or footnotes? No problem!
  • Custom header and footers
  • Pagination on every page
  • Formatting of text styles (body, headings, sub headings, bullet points etc) consistent with your company branding
  • Lots of tables or charts in your document? We will style them so they are easy to read and understand
  • Make it super easy for your readers to jump back to the Table of Contents with a button on each page
  • Formatting of text styles (body, headings, sub headings, bullet points etc) consistent with your branding
  • Custom-styled layouts (landscape, columns)
  • Promotional back page

proofreading-copy-editingProofread Your Document

To ensure we can design and format your document efficiently, all content must be supplied in FINAL format as delays and additional fees may apply. Hire a professional proofreader or have one of your colleagues read through your document to ensure it flows well and punctuation and grammar is correct.

Document Privacy

Private & ConfidentialAll documents sent to us are treated as private and confidential. We never disclose documents to third parties without the author’s written approval. If required, we are always happy to sign an NDA. Unless otherwise agreed with the client, That’s Creative! may use a low resolution copy of the document design as an example in our portfolio.

Document Design & Formatting Pricing

Quick FAQ

At That’s Creative!, the working file (e.g. Microsoft Word), pdf and stock images downloaded for the document are supplied to you as part of your final package, and is included in the overall cost.

You can send us your document in Microsoft Word format or PDF.

A 50% deposit is required for Premium & Standard Formatting packages. For all projects, the client receives the final working files after full payment (final invoice) has been received. Completion of the project is when final design has been approved.